The DeMarco Family



Meet GianCarlo




What happens when you have a two year old and you head to the sea shore for a family portrait?

It starts out like this

soon it turned into this, you guessed, straight to the water:)

and the fun began!

there’s no pretending for a two year old it’s either good or it’s not

This is why it’s good, meet Annmarie and Bill


Dad’s to are like two year old’s it’s either good or it’s not there’s no pretending

for GianCarlo it’s all good!

Thank You for being so much fun to photograph



We would like to thank you so much for everything.  You are a true professional, and we are so happy we were able to meet with you and have you take our photos. The memories and moments you captured were truly breathtaking and we are so excited to meet with you again soon.

Signed Annmarie and Bill DeMarco

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