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Ocean City

The sky can put on quite a show just before a storm or on the approach of some crazy weather change. It makes for some good surfing too. These images happened while I waited for a family to arrive for their portrait. Nature or Nurture each bringing it’s own brand of magnificent beauty! Thanks […]

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Martha’s Vineyard

As for me there is no doubt of the Supreme when He demonstrates His presence in this way? Peace Light my path The clouds where dancing on this day.            An old lighthouse deserves an old-style sepia look…timeless. This beautiful place is home to my good friend, Nicole Friedler, a fab photographer from Martha’s Vineyard. […]

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Jay Bird

I know it’s hard to believe I’m just a puppy…a baby…okay, an immature blue jay.  It  just sounds so harsh. I’m staring back at you, don’t you know it’s rude to stare? You started it. Okay, I’m going to close my eyes and when I open them, you’ll be gone. I can see that’s not […]

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