London 2011

Images From London

Just what you would expect a sea of umbrellas because everyday it really does rain.

However it was becoming a welcomed aspect as light loves dancing in the rain.

Sarah Crow - January 26, 2011 - 2:36 am

These look amazing! This is Sarah your friend from the Philadelphia Airport delay! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Best Friends

Everyone needs a big brother, someone they can trust, who’ll protect them.

Meet Jack big brother

Gotta Be Me

Be balanced

This is Ben and the image below well that’s Ellie and these two they are truly best friends.

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Love 1 Another

Beautiful Ellie

Ben knows how to have fun

Jack is kind, intelligent and polite and he can really throw a baseball

See you later

Devan and Delaney

Devan and Delaney,

Have been the two most beautiful children I have had the pleasure to photograph.

It started way back when they where just infants and I’m happy to say it has evolved into a friendship with them. I look forward to seeing them

at least once a year sometimes more depending on what is going on in their lives. You know how it goes, events, holidays and wow the changes are so fun

to watch. It’s breath taking to know that everyday brings about wondrous change. The photographer gets older the children keep growing. I’m just happy to be a part of it.

I’m the one trying to catch fire flies with my camera so to speak and every now and again I manage to capture whatever sparkles in a child.

Devan and Delaney thank you for shining so beautifully for me.

Sue - November 29, 2010 - 11:16 pm

Stunning! – you really captured the emotions with these two girls!

The Angelucci Family

I had as much fun or more photographing these kids as they had being photographed.

As a matter of fact this particular evening the beach was covered with people and cameras

as far as you could see. After the session, while walking back to my car I was approached by some on lookers who wanted to let me know how much they enjoyed just watching as the session unfolded. They wanted to know if the parents knew of my intentions to get the children playing in the water fully clothed. It never dawned on me that anyone would object to having a session turn into a water fest. We laughed so much it was a none issue and as you can see our time was magical and that my friends is what everyone gets to keep for as long as their thoughts can manage the memories. We all know how our memories tend to fade as with all things in this life. That is the reason for professional photography. This is the way we help to extend the memories as it where, making things still, long enough to allow for the laughter to become almost audible and our hearts to be touched with love and excitement over and over again at the mere glimpse of an image that can take us right there again close enough to get sand between our toe’s and close enough to smell the ocean and feel the wind on our face, Oh yeah and close enough to hear the laughter.

Thanks for spending time with us.

Millie Figueroa