Hi I’m Jesse

Fun Loving!

I like when mommy pushes me on the swing

This is my mom Jen, she is so good to me.

My Daddy Beau had to work today he would have been right here, missed you dad!

You know I could be a surfer dude, we may hit the shore this coming summer

Oh this is so much fun!

I’m cute even when I’m tired

I bounce back pretty quick


I like playing and running in the leaves

look at me!

There where so many great photos, Millie say’s I’m a natural

Thanks for spending time with us!



Devan and Delaney

Delaney & Devan

As beautiful as ever!


is right on it always has instant report with the lens and makes it easy to photograph her

and boy where does the time go, so grown up!


Devan and Delaney

are typical close sisters, they love each other and make each other crazy

all in the same breath, I know all about this sort of thing as I am one of five girls and we still

manage to love and make each other crazy to this day.

Just like Devan and Delaney I wouldn’t have it any other way.


has lots of different looks all beautiful and very easy to see the camera loves her,

I do to!


way to grow up beautiful!

Devan and Delaney

Thank you for making it fun time and again.

One more

Ta Da!

Zuber Family





we really do get along


just adorable

another surfer dude, okay really cute surfer dude

Mikala’s eyes

it feels like bath water

Mom and Dad weren’t going to let us have all the fun so they joined us

we had so much fun!


Big air!

Oh yea everybody JUMP!


Thanks so much for having fun with me



Dawn left me this message

Millie…I just want to thank you again for the breathtaking pictures of my family!

I don’t know how I’m going to choose!



The DeMarco Family



Meet GianCarlo




What happens when you have a two year old and you head to the sea shore for a family portrait?

It starts out like this

soon it turned into this, you guessed, straight to the water:)

and the fun began!

there’s no pretending for a two year old it’s either good or it’s not

This is why it’s good, meet Annmarie and Bill


Dad’s to are like two year old’s it’s either good or it’s not there’s no pretending

for GianCarlo it’s all good!

Thank You for being so much fun to photograph



We would like to thank you so much for everything.  You are a true professional, and we are so happy we were able to meet with you and have you take our photos. The memories and moments you captured were truly breathtaking and we are so excited to meet with you again soon.

Signed Annmarie and Bill DeMarco