My name is Bailey and the guy with the big arms, that’s my dad.  He protects me until I’m big enough to protect him.


Today we’re testing the soil to make sure I can bury my bones, toys, shed tools…you know, the usual.


I’m so excited we’re moving to a new neighborhood!  I already have friends here.


There are sticks and stones everywhere!  What a fun place.


We have a lot of work ahead of us.


This is my family not too bad huh? I feel very lucky to belong here.


I have my Mom’s eyes and her kind heart and sense of humor.


Yeah, we’re pretty happy being together all the time.  Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


“Oh, so cute! So cute!”  I hear it all the time.


OK, I do like hearing it.


Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Bailey

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